DVS11 is a compact, general-purpose, UV-VIS-IR spectrometer designed and manufactured by DV. Suitable for absorbance, transmittance, reflectance and emission measurements, it is available in different configurations for scientific and industrial environment.


The portable UV-VIS-IR spectroscopy system is a compact instrument for spectral acquisition and processing designed to be used easily on the field. The spectrophotometer and the power supply (battery) are housed in a backpack while the processing system, consisting of a portable PC suitably harnessed, is placed in front of the operator.


DV provides a wide range of probes for colour analysis or optimized for particular ranges (UV-VIS-NIR), for industrial and scientific purpose. DV designs and manufactures them in order to meet virtually every need, i.e. the measure of liquids. Reflectance, absorbance, transmittance measures with specific geometries are performed according to the specific normative and CIE.


The NIR spectrophotometer and the elaboration system can be placed in the processing environment and on the harvester. The system performs a real-time analysis reporting grain parameters.


Microcolor is a software designed and developed by DV for single point spectrophotometers. The spectral data can be acquired in the various spectral ranges, depending on the specific application and on the spectrophotometric system in use. The software performs either the calculation of the reflectance, transmittance and absorbance, and the extraction of color coordinates.